Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing 

Real hardwood floors are a beautiful asset and an investment.Sometimes that beautiful asset is covered by years of dirt and abuse.

There is nothing like the look of a freshly installed hardwood floor, and while wood floors can last forever, you'll still need to refinished every 3-4 year, pet owners and those with high traffic floor may want to consider taking on the project on more frequent basis.

Refinishing and existing hardwood floor is a process that will take several days or more to complete depending on the number of rooms(square feet)and the products that have been selected to finish the floor.Water based finish dries much faster than the oil based finish.

Our team will come in and prep the work area.This may include removing existing carpet, tile, staples nails, or glue from hardwood surface if repairs are needed, damaged wood will be removed and replaced.

Next the floor will be sanded and finished.Once the sanding is completed, the stain or the first coat of finish needs to dry before the next coat can be applied, oil based finish will need 24 hours between coats, weather and room temperatures can shorten or lengthen this time line by hours, but the 24 hour guideline is us ally right on target.

Sandro and his team are EPA certified lead renovators.Staff is trained to work safely with lead finish found in flooring of older homes.

We will remove and replace large pieces of furniture, pricing will be included in your estimate.

There are many options to choose from.You may select a natural finish, or from a wide variety of stain colors.Sandro's Flooring offers both water based and oil based polyurethane finish

Water Based Finish

One of the biggest differences between water based finishes is the discrepancy in drying time.

Water based finish products dry more quickly on a hardwood surface, taking only a fraction of the time it takes an oil based finish to dry or cure.(Under normal conditions, a water based finish will dry to the touch in one hour and can be re-coated in two.)

Oil Based Finish

An oil based finish is sometimes preferred to a water based finish because the oil based finish is said to give the wood more depth and more color.

The oil based finish is absorbed into the wood and the oils penetrating the wood surface will accentuate the wood grains, giving them more presence.

The natural oils in the sealer which penetrate the surface of the wood give the wood a muted but natural-looking and long-lasting shine.

Additionally, when the wood absorbs the oil based finish, the wood absorbs moisture which helps to keep the wood form drying out and cracking over time.With the oil based finish, you only need to apply two coats.