Decks and Porches



Sanding a redwood or cedar deck can be a labor intensive process but is well worth it if you want the best looking deck restoration results.

Sandro' Flooring can determine if the surface of your deck requires sanding when quoting a deck refinish job.


Deck Sanding & Refinishing

When the surface of a deck is severely weathered, dirt, scratched, or sun damaged, the top layer of old, weakened wood fibers can be removed through sanding of  the entire deck.

Sanding your deck provides a smooth, clean surface to apply sealer or stain. Sanding also removes splinters and creates a smooth surface for children, pets and bare feet.


Deck Sealing and Staining

First your deck is carefully sanded to reveal a like-new finish, Sandro's Flooring finishes the job with the application of a high quality sealant or your choice, opaque or colored stain.

This crucial step protects your wood deck from water, sun damage,dirt and foot traffic        

    Wood Deck Repair, Building & Rebuilding

Sandro's Flooring focuses on keeping quality decks in great shape for years to come. Most of the time this requires the processes outlined above.

Unfortunately, sometimes water damage, termite damage,or rot due to inadequate care can lead to boards that cannot be repaired through traditional deck refinishing efforts alone.

In these cases, the best option is often to remove damaged wood sections and refinish the deck once rotted wood has been replaced. We will take on decks in any condition and can usually repair damaged sections in short order.

If damage is limited to top boards of your wood deck, we can quickly replace bad boards and restore the existing, undamaged wood to a beautiful finish. This process can save significant time and expense of rebuilding your deck.